Paulina Porizkova shows off scars from hip replacement in bathrobe and little else

Paulina Porizkova bared her scars after undergoing double hip replacement surgery.

The supermodel gave her Instagram followers a glimpse of her incisions Thursday while sporting only a pink bathrobe and black underwear.

“Going into this surgery, I couldn’t help but think about scars,” she captioned the mirror snap.

“The ones I have, I embrace. But I have no desire to make new ones.”

Porizkova, 58, continued by recalling her recent sun-filled getaway, noting that it was the last time she would see her body without the scars.

“On our vacation, I kept saying goodbye to the smooth skin across my hip bones, even as I felt guilty for being vain,” she wrote.

The supermodel took to Instagram Thursday to show off her incisions while only wearing a bathrobe and black underwear. Instagram/@paulinaporizkov

“I know the incisions will soon become a part of me,” added Porizkova, who underwent surgery last week. “They will be a reminder of old pain and new victories.”

She concluded on a philosophical note, writing that the “inscriptions” on her mind and body — “both visible and invisible” — are the “glue” that holds her together.

“I will accept them,” she continued. “I will be proud of them. But I have no intention of courting new ones.”

“Going into this surgery, I couldn’t help but think about scars,” she wrote in the caption. Instagram/@paulinaporizkov

The “No Filter” author announced on Jan. 25 that she would be going under the knife for the “long overdue” procedure.

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“From bikini to hospital chic,” she captioned a photo of herself on the beach in a blue bikini and another on a hospital bed.

“Had one last vacation with old hips- and now it’s time for some new ones,” she added.

Porizkova reflected on her recent vacation, admitting she “kept saying goodbye to the smooth skin” across her hips. Instagram/@paulinaporizkov

Porizkova explained she was born with congenital hip dysplasia, which occurs when the hip socket “doesn’t fully cover the ball portion of the upper thighbone” — potentially leading to osteoarthritis or a hip labral tear, per Mayo Clinic.

Her condition got to the point where the “cartilage in [her] hips” had become worn down.

“It’s so bad, in fact, that doing one hip at the time is pointless,” she added. “It would actually impede the healing and mobility.”

Porizkova revealed she was going under the knife in January. Instagram/@paulinaporizkov

However, the Czech-born beauty was ultimately “grateful” that it was a “fixable problem.”

Porizkova has been known to flaunt her body in next to nothing on social media.

And even with her new scars, that’s unlikely to change since she previously stated that she has “nothing to hide” and is “comfortable in [her] own skin.”

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