Gold heels galore and cashmere from Andy Cohen

She brings the power, the pigtails and the party.

As “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fans know well, Margaret Josephs is always renovating something in her home in Englewood, NJ, keeping contractor husband Joe Benigno on his toes; she’s even nicknamed him “Super Joe,” thanks to all his handiwork on their $2 million abode.

And the “Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget” author, 56, also keeps Benigno guessing when it comes to her wardrobe, which is filled with colorful and bright clothing to match Josephs’ sunny personality.

“RHONJ” star Margaret Josephs explained that her closet inspiration is Mrs. Roper from “Three’s Company.” Page Six
The fashion mogul told Page Six she’s a bit “obsessed” with Pucci — and caftans. Brian Zak/NY Post
She loves her clothes to be as maximalist as her personality. Page Six

“Everything is color-coordinated, which I love so much. And everybody knows I love print … I can be a little Mrs. Roper-ish, but what’s wrong with that?” she told Page Six Style during an exclusive home tour.

“I’m vintage Marge, so I color-coordinated all my prints, all my long dresses. I just bought this Pucci dress; I’ll have to sport it to a wedding,” she says of her maximalist tendencies.

Even the headscarf she was wearing at the time of our tour was from the Italian house, which is known for its kaleidoscopic prints. “Maybe I’m a little obsessed with Pucci.”

While Marge — whose home decor is just as bold and brash as she is, complete with vibrant wallpaper covering every room, nook and cranny — may love a more-is-more mindset, she doesn’t like to get overwhelmed.

The higher the heel, the better for Josephs, who has worn this pair to multiple “RHONJ” reunions. Page Six
She has an entire drawer filled with various gold heels. Brian Zak/NY Post
Her most prized gift is a cashmere sweater from Andy Cohen, embroidered with — what else? — “Real Housewife of New Jersey.” Brian Zak/NY Post
Season 14 of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” returns to Bravo in early spring. therealmargaretjosephs/Instagram

“I feel like my stuff is all year round and I like to mix it,” she says of her fashion sense. “I do a lot of editing. I’m not a hoarder when it comes to my clothes.”

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The Macbeth Collection founder adds that she’s dedicated to donating, recycling and giving away anything she isn’t fond of anymore, though one item she’ll likely never part with is her signature accessory.

“I have a lot of gold shoes, which I think is kind of funny. But I have a whole drawer of gold shoes,” she says, adding that a padlocked Tom Ford pair ($1,850) is her favorite and she’s worn the same style to two different “RHONJ” reunions.

As for one of the most special pieces in her closet, and the favorite gift she’s ever gotten? That’d be a custom Lingua Franca cashmere sweater ($320+) from Andy Cohen himself, embroidered with “Real Housewife of New Jersey” — though we’re sure the Marge needs no introduction.

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